Judith Esmay


Judith Esmay is a retired lawyer, a New Englander since 1992, and a life-long knitter. She has since 1994 served as administrator and leader of Education for Ministry, an extension of the University of the South. She is canon to the Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire and has been a member of the Hanover Planning Board since 2001, its chair since 2009. Judith collects knitting books; her knitting library includes 500 titles. She is blessed by a large and loving family, all of whom wear whatever she knits for them.

Course Title: Sock Studies: History, Ethnicity, and Structure of Hand Knitted Footwear (Spring Term 2019)

Participant Testimonials:

"Judith Esmay is a treasure, she knows so much and has great teaching skills."

"She's a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, supportive, humorous presenter who encourages participation in ways that make the class bond and help each other."

"Judith is so knowledgeable about knitting techniques and presented the information in an organized, interesting manner. Her love for knitting is infectious."

Course Title: Eight Great Knitters and What We Can Learn From Them (Fall Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

"As knowledgeable, articulate, passionate, organized, and funny as Judith is, her ability to engage with us, knitters from a variety of backgrounds, was the great surprise. We developed into a group that wanted to find ways to stay together after the class. I came away with a firm understanding of the 20th-21st c. evolution of knitting in this country and a lot of practical tips to improve my knitting projects. Her knowledge of knitting technology and books is superb; she wisely avoided audio-visual equipment."

"Judith is very patient, makes an effort to involve everyone. Her class is obviously planned and she is aware of time. She's an excellent instructor"

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