Matthew Rojansky

Matthew RojanskyMatthew Rojansky, the Director of the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute, is as much a regular at Congressional briefings and on primetime news shows as he is on the streets of Moscow, Kyiv, or Berlin. One of the country’s leading analysts of U.S. relations with Russia, Ukraine, and the region, he has advised governments and international organizations, and leads track two diplomacy on Eurasian conflicts.




Course Title: U.S.-Russia Conflict and International Security (Fall Term 2021)

Participant Testimonials: 

M. Rojansky has an impressive background and delivered his assessment of past and current US-Russia relations engagingly and seemingly without notes. It was easy to listen to, and the question/answer period was well done, as well. Altogether a huge success, in my book!

This course surpassed all expectations and opened world of refections.


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