Maynard Goldman

Maynard GoldmanMaynard Goldman holds a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Michigan; a J.D. Degree from Harvard Law School; and a Certificate from Harvard Business School for completion of an Executive Management Program. A longtime political consultant on both sides of the aisle, he received appointments from Republican and Democratic Governors in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire.



Course Title: The Fables, Foibles, and Failures of Philanthropy in America (Spring Term 2023)
Participant Testimonials: 

Maynard maintained a steady pace through his presentations but graciously welcomed questions and comments at any time. His calm confidence and competence guaranteed well prepared class sessions.

Maynard supplied many relevant, interesting articles to read online.

Course Title: Midterm Madness—The 2022 Elections (Fall Term 2022)
Participant Testimonials:

Maynard does it perfectly.... material on the mark; leads great discussions; wonderful sense of humor; it's a pleasure to be in his courses.

The result of the election proves how smart Maynard is!!!!

Maynard arranged for his grandson, a political consultant working on major Democratic campaigns, to provide insights and commentary to us. An excellent way for us to understand selections midterm races in real time and with insider insights!

Course Title: Beware the Ides of March (Spring Term 2022)
Participant Testimonials:

Even with two hands behind his back ( on zoom and a cell phone ) he is the best.....deserves a raise, a bonus and number 1 ranking...

I appreciate Maynard's pacing of the course, the very informative slides he showed and his inviting people to contribute their thoughts.

Course Title: Whither the Supreme Court? (Spring Term 2022)
Participant Testimonials:

Excellent presenter! The presenenter is extremely knowledgeable.

Maynard always delivers what he proposes - and this was no exception.



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