Meredith Angwin

Headshot of Meredith AngwinMeredith Joan Angwin has wide-ranging experience in power and transmission technologies. As a chemist employed by utilities, she headed research projects on pollution control and corrosion control. More recently, she served on a consumer advisory group to our grid operator. She is the author of the recent book Shorting the Grid: The Hidden Fragility of Our Electric Grid.








Course Title: The Fragile Electric Grid (Winter Term 2022)
Particiant Testimonials:

Absolutely the best Osher class I've ever taken. Meredith did a great job of presenting the most important issues facing the reliability of our electric grid.

Meredith is one of the very few people that could even begin to present this class. her experience in the industry is amazing and her contacts are the most knowledgeable people in the country on the subject.

Course Title: The Ethics of Harry Bosch (Spring Term 2019)
Participant Testimonials:

Meredith was extremely well prepared with providing background materials, directing discussions, and keeping on track. She did an excellent job managing class participation but also keeping control over it and contributing her own insights.

Meredith Angwin went to great lengths to make sure we were all involved and enthusiastic, even assigning outside reading and taking volunteers for essays and research.

Course Title: Our Complex Electric Grid (Fall Term 2018)
Participant Testimonials:

Meredith shares her vast knowledge with aplomb, and also brings others to address complementary issues.

The course was fascinating, more complex than I imagined, and ultimately thought-provoking.

Course Title: The Grid: What Your Electricity Bill Won't Tell You (Spring Term 2016)
Participant Testimonials:

Wonderful overview of the Grid with knowledgeable leader and guest lectures.

Meredith did a great job of introducing everyone to the subject. The speakers and field trip were great.

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