Peter Travis

Peter TravisPeter is a retired professor of English at Dartmouth College. His major academic areas of interest are: Icelandic sagas, Anglo-Saxon poetry, Chaucer, medieval drama, literature theory, and men’s studies.

Course Title: Beowulf and Other Anglo-Saxon Poems (Winter 2023)
Participant Testimonials:

I always expect - and get - revelation when I take a course with Peter. He knows how to open up a text, ask challenging questions, and resist premature closure.

Peter is a wonderful teacher; his enthusiasm and ability to move the discussion along are infectious. He welcomes all opinions no matter how wild and woolly, and participation flows.

Course Title: Postmodernist Critical Theory: An Introduction (Spring Term 2022)
Participant Testimonials: 

Brilliant, life changing, challenging and Peter is a master teacher.

Peter’s choice of the text and supplemental materials, articles and films, were very effective in clarifying and stretching our thinking.

Course Title: Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (Fall Term 2021)
Participant Testimonials:

Extraordinary: Professor Travis was inclusive to all parties: his expertise produced personal and group insights into reading this famed work

Peter Travis is very generous in helping folks like myself understand Chaucer.



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