Rosie Greenstein

Rosie Greenstein's adventures in teaching began in Kenya in the Peace Corps and then, Ph.D. in Victorian and African literatures from Indiana University in hand, took her to colleges and universities in several states as well as 5 years at the National Endowment for the Humanities and five as director of a teaching center for faculty at Long Island University. She has led OSHER@Dartmouth courses on Mark Twain, the literature of immigration, and 20th Century American fiction.

Course Title: Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words? Reading the Graphic Novel (Fall Term 2019)
Participant Testimonials:

Experienced in presenting material and always well prepared.

The selection of novels was excellent.

Course Title: Reading Jane Austen (Winter Term 2018)
Participant Testimonials:

Fabulous! Rosie brings such a wealth of knowledge to class.

Rosie teaches fully cognizant that we all learn differently. She has a truly inclusive, respected approach to teaching.

Course Title: Where Are We Going, Where Have We Been? The View from Twentieth Century American Literature
Participant Testimonials:

Rosie is a master of balancing her professional insights and background with input from class members, and stimulating conversation among us all. She listens, and goes where the class wants to go. Excellent teacher - the bes

Rosie Greenstein's classes are simply the best. She is smart, just, personable, and thoroughly prepared for her classes. And beyond!

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