Rosie Greenstein

Susan “Rosie” Greenstein earned a PhD in Victorian and African Literatures after teaching in Kenya with the Peace Corps. Her academic career allowed her to explore an array of interests, including designing an Honors Program at an HBCU in Georgia and a Teaching Center at Long Island University. She circled the globe with students on Semester at Sea. Five Osher courses continue the adventure, with topics as diverse as the literature of immigration, graphic novels, and the novels of Jane Austen.

Bleak House: Dickens’ Greatest Novel? (Fall Term 2022)

Participant Testimonials:

This course was skillfully taught. I learned so much about Dickens. Ms Greenstein offered a rich portrait of England and Dickens.

This was a wonderful class. Rosie is an experienced teacher who knows how to get everyone involved and participating.

Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words? Reading the Graphic Novel (Fall Term 2019)

Participant Testimonials:

Experienced in presenting material and always well prepared.

The selection of novels was excellent.

Reading Jane Austen (Winter Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

Fabulous! Rosie brings such a wealth of knowledge to class. Rosie teaches fully cognizant that we all learn differently. She has a truly inclusive, respected approach to teaching.

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