Steve Tofel

Steve Tofel has been fascinated by bears since his parents took him to Yellowstone National Park at age 9. Since moving to the Upper Valley in 2009 he has taken advantage of one of the densest bear populations in the country to observe these intriguing creatures.


Course Title: Exploring Mt. Washington (Spring Term 2023)
Participant Testimonials:

The associated Cog Railway Trip was a delight. The two guest speakers were exceptionally knowledgeable and great communicators.

Course was well designed, well prepared, the Cog was challenging and a good experience, the leader was accessible at all times.

Course Title: Black Bears (Fall Term 2018)
Participant Testimonials:

Films were wonderful, I learned so much, fascinating really and helps in understanding the black bears here.

Very interesting/informative. Steve Tofel is very good at explaining things.

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