Valerie Miller

For over 35 years, Valerie Miller has collaborated with colleagues around the world to develop and expand women's leadership. At JASS, a global network of activists and scholars, Dr. Miller facilitates workshops and research on power, advocacy, and social movements. As a family planning counselor, community organizer, advocate, author, and leader of national human rights coalitions, she draws on her rich experiences to stimulate participation, deepen discussion and inspire reflection and action.

Course Title: Women’s Suffrage (Fall Term 2022)
Participant Testimonials:

I learned a so much, even as a lifelong feminist and someone who had previously taken a course led by Valerie!

Excellent Presentation using the PowerPoint. Visuals excellent and summary statements at the bottom of each slide.

Course Title: Third Summer International Women's Rights Film Festival (Summer 2018)
Participant Testimonials:

Valerie picked excellent and relevant films.

The course attracts participants who are knowledgable and interactive.

Course Title: International Women's Rights: A Second Summer Film Festival
Participant Testimonials:

Excellent in every way. Valerie is extremely knowledgeable about, and experienced in so many aspects of women's rights. Her choice of films was eye-opening, and her preparation for each added enormously to my understanding.

This course should be required - very informative of what needs to be and can be achieved by women.

The materials (documentary videos) were an excellent, eclectic assortment...sadly depressing but extremely informative. Valerie moderated our discussions skillfully.

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