Layered Histories

Experience "Layered Histories: Indigenous Australian Art From the Kimberly and Central Desert" at the Hood Museum with Osher Study Leader Jeanne Shafer.

Hood Museum tour February 2024

Thursday, February 22

Join Jeanne Shafer for a winter afternoon at the Hood, immersing yourselves into the world of brightly colored indigenous Australian compositions that visually vibrate and move before your eyes. These patterned acrylics appear on the surface to be very “modern,” however the true intention of these Australian artists is to show layered stories of their creation myths, environments which surround them, historical events, and creatures/plant life they see on a daily basis. The indigenous Australian artist wishes to communicate their unique sense of history and worldview, sometimes referenced as “Dreaming,” through these beautiful paintings.

The class will center on discussion as we unravel their hidden mysteries to the “western eye.” Together, our new shared insights will enrich the understanding of northern Australian artwork.

Jeanne Shafer has taught Osher classes for the past twenty years at the Hood and again is thankful for this opportunity.

Thursday, February 22
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Hood Museum, Hanover, NH

This event will move to February 29, 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM should inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances prevent it from taking place as scheduled on February 22.

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$30 per person; Osher at Dartmouth membership required.

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