Create a Course Outline

The course outline is your master plan for the course overall and for individual sessions.  It maps out what will take place during each class meeting, how the course goals will be met.  This may not be easy to create, but will be invaluable once the course begins.  You are taking learners on a journey – a journey of discovery.  The course outline maps the way.

The Course Outline May Include

  • Goals for the course
  • Course schedule by session with topics and questions to be covered.
  • Learning outcomes (what a learner will know and be able to do)
  • Course materials and weekly assignments (readings, handouts, videos, online resources, etc.)
  • Teaching techniques (lecture, large or small group discussion, case study, simulation, etc.)

Planning your course ahead of time cannot be over emphasized.  With a master plan, you can confidently attend to teaching and to the learners – to executing the plan – not building it on the fly.

Examples of a Course Outline

Four-session course: How to Become a Study Leader and Develop a Course

Four-session course: The Biden Era - A One Year Report Card and Midterm Prognosis

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