Each term, the Osher Study Leader Support team, working with the Osher staff, offers to link those new to teaching with Osher or with new course ideas with experienced study leaders, who have volunteered to be mentors.  

Any study leader can request a mentor at any time during a course, from passion and idea, to proposal, to design, to teaching.  New study leaders are encouraged to seek a mentor as needed for guidance during their first course with Osher.  A request can be made when submitting a course proposal or by contacting the Osher office directly at any point.  Study leaders requesting mentors should be contacted by a Support team member within 48 hours to learn what helpful information or teaching advice the study leader is seeking.  The Support team will then connect the study leader with an appropriate mentor.

Once the initial introduction is facilitated by the Support team, the mentor and requesting study leader are expected to contact each other and to decide how they will work together. 

Who are Osher mentors?

Vic Henningsen & Alan SchnurExperienced Study Leaders volunteer to be mentors for people new to teaching for Osher or for prior study leaders who are looking for new ideas or solutions to issues experienced in designing and delivering a course.  Mentors have demonstrated  teaching success and received positive participant feedback over time.

A Mentor provides guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling.


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