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John PetermanJohn Peterman retired to the New London area after serving for 23 years as Head of an elementary school in Massachusetts. Throughout his life, John has been a public speaker and a mid-20th-century music and film enthusiast. His Osher courses on film and music include “Movie Stars Born in 1919, 1920, 1921”; “Comedy in Movies and TV 1960-1964”; “Girl Groups of the ‘60s”; and “Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love: Movies, TV, and Music, 1954- 1964”. John also serves on Osher’s Leadership Council. (2/7/24)

Course Title: “Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love”: Movies, TV, and Music, 1954-1964 (Fall Term 2023) 

Participant Testimonials: 

The instructor always tied in the significance of the social movements to the concept of the teenager, including how they were exploited.

The description was good but the course proved so much more enlightening and enjoyable than the description suggested. This course was a Grand Slam in all respects.

Course Title: Unsung Civil Rights Heroes: Four Award-Winning Documentaries (Spring Term 2022)
Participant Testimonials: 

John was an outstanding study leader. His materials and knowledge were outstanding.

I learned so much from John Peterman's films. Even though I lived through those years, I was quite naive about all that was going on from both sides. His films opened my eyes to the heroic efforts of so many that I had not known about.

Course Title: A 100th Birthday Celebration of Stars Born in 1921 (Fall Term 2021)
Participant Testimonials: 

This is the third course I've taken with John Peterman, and he's a genius at pace and organization. There isn't a boring minute. He explains what we're going to view, then lets his visuals speak for themselves, so we can enjoy them. He doesn't speak over them.

John Peterman thoroughly engaged every class member; he always does.

Course Title: Comedy from the 60’s and 70’s: TV, Standup, and Movies (Spring Term 2021)
Participant Testimonials: 

Organization was superb! Clearly Mr. Peterman has done this before and has perfected the art of preparation.

Excellent. Jon did an unbelievable job of putting together the best and funniest. Timing and pacing were perfect.

Course Title: A Tribute to Stars Born in 1920 (Winter Term 2021)
Participant Testimonials:

The combination of the movies... The history... The information about the actors... Was invaluable... I will never watch a movie with these actors in the same way

Absolutely! The best Osher class I have take. Looked forward to every session


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