Julia Labier

Julia Labier has always been totally in love with music. She has been Ford's unofficial co-leader for several courses and has filled a variety of roles including memory jogger and local talent scout. Julia has been a performer most of her life, as a Whipple Hill Gang member, and is now the Julia half of Daley With Julia.

Course Title: Outlaw Country Music Phenomenon (Fall Term 2019)

Participant Testimonials:

"A wonderful experience, well formulated and presented."

"Perfect - the class was extremely well organized, and delivered on everything I expected. I would undoubtedly take another class such as this from Ford and Julia."

"The mix of presentation, discussion, Internet feeds, and live music was a very successful blend."

Course Title: The Musical Hit Parades (Fall Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

"Ford and Julia are very lovely and have a been joy to all of us fortunate enough to attend their classes."

"The hand outs are great; many of them I will keep long past the class. The youtube pieces they showed us were terrific. And the mini concerts which end each class were so wonderful; I just felt so lucky to be in the audience for these great performances!"

Course Title: Joan & Judy: The Queens of the Folk Revival

Participant Testimonials:

"A great pleasure to listen to both Ford and Julia who have first hand experience in both performing and listening to excellent musicians of different movements."

"Ford and Julia's classes are always much better than the description. On an intellectual level, the description is highly accurate but the warmth and comaradity make the class absolutely wonderful."

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