Larry Crocker

Headshot of Larry Crocker.Larry Crocker received his PhD in philosophy from Harvard, with emphasis on philosophy of science and logic, and taught philosophy for several years at the University of Washington. He then practiced law, prosecuted criminals, and taught law at NYU. From 2004 thru 2012 he taught at Dartmouth classes in philosophy of law, crime and punishment, ethics, political and social philosophy, philosophy of science, and philosophy of religion.



Course Title: Libertarianism—with Sidelong Glances at Liberalism, Egalitarianism, and Socialism (Winter Term 2019)

Participant Testimonials:

"Larry is fun and knowledgeable and brings everyone into conversation."

"Larry was interesting, funny, very knowledgeable and had a wealth of information about relevant topics including law. There was always lively conversation."

Course Title: It's About Time (Fall Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

"Larry is really good at inviting different opinions and takes."

"Fascinating. Larry amazes with his knowledge and ability to present this information in a manner that stimulates a participant's thinking and understanding."

Course Title: Criminal Case Sampler

Participant Testimonials:

"Larry Crocker is very receptive to questions, very clear in his answers and gives his personal experience and
authoritative logic to support issues."

"Larry's classes are always fascinating and engaging!"

Course Title: Numbers and Transfinite Arithmetic

Participant Testimonials:

"Presentation materials were excellent. The class interactions and discussions added to the experience."

"I like the flow of the course ideas. The power points were clear and well done. The depth and breadth of knowledge of the Study Leader were really impressive. Great sense of humor, which always makes for a better and more enjoyable experience."

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