Peter Gilbert

Peter GilbertA graduate of Dartmouth, the University of Virginia (MA English), and Georgetown University Law Center, Peter was Executive Director of the Vermont Humanities Council for 16 years. He is a former English teacher at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, litigator at Hale and Dorr in Boston, Senior Assistant to Dartmouth President James O. Freedman and Associate Provost, and frequent commentator on VPR.

Course Title: Frost in Spring (Spring Term 2023)
Participant Testimonials:

I had high hopes and they were more than fulfilled - thanks to a brilliant study leader and a great group of participants.

Peter’s insights were very helpful in my understanding of Frost’s poetry.

Peter Gilbert is a superb teacher. He creates a casual, comfortable feeling in his classroom; he is respectful of all our voices. He is an expert on Frost. What could be better?!

Course Title: Frost in the Winter (Winter Term 2023)
Participant Testimonials:

I was delighted in every aspect of the course. Peter was an exceptional leader; the class members were engaged and knowledgeable.

Excellent job of building our skills in looking at Frost’s poetry.

This course helped to deepen my understanding and appreciation of Frost’s poetry.
Everyone who wanted to speak had an opportunity.

Course Title: Frost in the Spring (Spring Term 2022)
Participant Testimonials:

The course did what any good course does, left me wanting more.

One of the best Osher courses I've attended.

Course Title: Frost in Fall and Winter (Fall Term 2021)
Participant Testimonials:

The course far exceeded my expectations by reminding me of what a delight it is to read and discuss poetry. Peter was a master at leading and informing discussion among the class.

Peter was genial and welcomed all comments and observations. He listened carefully as people spoke and gently solicited comments from the class.
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