Zoe Courville

Daniel Abosso

Zoe Courville, a mechanical engineer at CRREL, researches snow and ice systems with focus on polar engineering including crevasse detection as well as past climate reconstruction from ice cores.


Hot Topics at the Cold Regions Lab (Spring 2024 Term) 

Hot Topics at the Cold Regions Lab (Spring 2023 Term) 

Participant Testimonials:

Extremely well organized. The depth of experience we were exposed to is wonderful. 

Wow! I'm left feeling that they are doing VERY important research and good in the world, and proud to know we have these talents in our community.

The audio/visual equipment worked very well. It was easy to have a productive discussion among the participants present in the Osher room and on Zoom.

Hot Topics at the Cold Regions Lab (Spring 2022 Term) 

Participant Testimonials:

The course was even better than I had hoped. Clear, detailed and varied presentations by many scientists working at CRREL. 

So impressed with the many women scientists!


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