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Support Committee volunteers and staff are here to help Study Leaders with anything and everything throughout the process of teaching. Our goal is to have our Study Leader succeed and enjoy the process of teaching to a diverse group of members.  In addition, at any time, you can request an Osher mentor.

Reach Us

Phone: 603-646-0154
Email: osher@dartmouth.edu

Who Does What

Support Committee: These volunteers are tasked with supporting Osher Study Leaders in whatever capacity needed. Our number one goal is for you to succeed!

Staff Support: The staff receives course proposals, clarifies information on the forms, schedules courses/Zoom meetings, prepares the course catalogs, manages student registration, and creates Google Drive folder with roster and welcome letter to the class and Study Leaders.

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Friday from 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM.
Location: Our office is located at One Court Street, Suite 380, Lebanon, NH.
Classrooms: Osher office at One Court Street, Lebanon, NH have four classrooms in the facility. Three classrooms are located in suite 250 and one classroom in suite 380.

Course Zoom Link

For courses using Zoom, the staff creates a recurring Zoom meeting that will be shared with the class. This means one link will be used for the entirety of the course. Study Leaders and class participants may use this link at any time. A staff member will check in at the beginning of the first session to review Zoom edit  and review sharing screen, etc. Study Leaders will also be given a host key to claim host of the meeting.

Class Monitor/Rep

Class Monitors and reps are recruited by the staff before your class begins. These are participants that are already registered in your class and are willing to provide the Study Leader support when necessary. This includes muting in a Zoom format or passing out name badges in a physical classroom. 

Online folder

The office creates a Google Drive folder for your course. The folder will be shared with you so you may add materials. The staff will share this folder with your class approximately three weeks prior to the start of class. 

HyFlex Courses

If you are interested in leading a HyFlex course, or need information to support a current HyFlex course, we have a recorded workshop on the HyFlex format, as well as a general handbook on using our HyFlex system in Classroom 3A.

HyFlex Orientation Workshop (recorded August 9, 2023)

Osher at Dartmouth HyFlex Classroom Manual  

Zoom Workshops

Staff offers live and recorded trainings to introduce Study Leaders to teaching on the Zoom platform. Keeping in mind the demographic of our members, we give recommendations on presentation styles, fonts/colors, duration/breaks, and use of Zoom. 

Feedback for Course Success

Osher at Dartmouth strives for continuous improvement in the quality of courses. There might be room for improvement even in the best, most popular courses. A feedback form is used to get anonymous feedback as the course draws to an end, to determine whether modifications might improve the course if it is offered again.

Feedback from participants can help Study Leaders learn:

  1. whether students feel the content aligns with the course's catalog description,
  2. what seems to be working well and what, if anything, might be improved,
  3. how participants are reacting to the pace at which material has been presented,
  4. specific things students would like to learn within the current course or, perhaps, in a follow-up course,
  5. how students feel about their learning experiences,
  6. how discussion and student involvement was handled. 

The feedback from class participants is shared with the Study Leader approximately three weeks after the course concludes.


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